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Identifying Lexus Dashboard Lights

At Thompson Lexus Doylestown, we are always available to help answer any Lexus questions or service needs you may encounter. Here is a quick guide to explain some of the basic Lexus dashboard lights that you could come across throughout your Lexus journeys around local towns including Newtown and Warrington, PA, or nearby New Jersey towns of Lambertville, Flemington or Stockton. It can be nerve wracking when a light on your dashboard illuminates. Sometimes it is just a minor issue that is easily remedied, but occasionally you may need to seek expert service. This quick reference guide can help you decide when it is best to seek professional assistance from our skilled service technicians at Thompson Lexus Doylestown.

If you see a light appear on the dashboard of your Lexus, the best thing you can do is to get it looked at by our factory-trained Lexus service center experts at Thompson Lexus Doylestown. Schedule a service appointment now.

Warning Lights

Parking Brake Indicator

If the parking brake indicator illuminates or flashes, this indicates that the parking brake is not fully engaged or not fully released.  To remedy the situation, operate the parking brake switch once again to fully engage the switch on or off in the desired direction.  If the light turns off when the parking brake is fully released, the system is operating normally.

Brake System
Warning Light

If this warning light illuminates (or a buzzer sounds), stop the vehicle right away in a safe area. Ensure that the parking brake has been fully released, even if the system appears to be operating normally. Next check the brake fluid levels. If brake fluid levels are adequate, there could be a malfunction in the brake booster system and you should have your vehicle inspected by a Lexus dealer immediately.

Charging System Warning Light

The charging system warning light indicates a malfunction in the vehicle’s charging system. Immediately stop the vehicle in a safe place and contact your Lexus dealer. This warning light may indicate damage to the vehicle and could result in an accident.

SRS Warning Light

The SRS warning light indicates a malfunction in either the SRS airbag system, the seat belt pretensioner system, or the front passenger occupant classification system.  Have your vehicle inspected by a Lexus dealer immediately if this warning light comes on.  This warning light may indicate a problem that could lead to the vehicle operating abnormally and possibly causing an accident.


Open Door
Warning Light

If your vehicle’s open door warning light illuminates or its warning buzzer sounds, it is meant to alert vehicle inhabitants that a door or the vehicle trunk is not fully closed.  Please check to ensure that all the vehicle doors and the trunk are closed.


Security Indicator

This light works with the Immobiliser system to deter theft by preventing the hybrid system from starting until a registered key is within the vehicle. If illuminated, it means the key is likely in contact with a metal surface. If upon unlocking and starting the vehicle, the light does not turn off, there may be a problem with the vehicle security system and you should seek service at a Lexus dealer.


Driver’s Seat
Belt Reminder

The seat belt reminder light or buzzer warns the driver to fasten their seat belt.  To turn off the warning light and/or buzzer, the driver must fasten their seat belt.

Front Passenger’s Seat Belt Reminder

The seat belt reminder light or buzzer warns the front seat passenger to fasten their seat belt.  To turn off the warning light and/or buzzer, the front passenger must fasten their seat belt.

Rear Passengers’ Seat Belt Reminder

The rear passengers’ seat belt reminder lights are meant to warn the driver that the rear seat passengers are not wearing their seat belts.  To remedy the situation, have all rear seat passengers buckle their seat belts. 


Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning

When this warning light illuminates, a warning buzzer will also sound.  These warning signals indicate that the engine oil pressure is too low.  You should immediately stop the vehicle in a safe place and contact your Lexus service center. 

High Coolant Temperature Warning

This warning indicator will be accompanied by a buzzer, and indicates that the engine is overheating.  Immediately stop the vehicle in a safe spot.  Continued operation of the vehicle could be dangerous.

Power Steering
System Warning

If the power steering system warning light is illuminated or the buzzer sounds, this is indicating a malfunction in the power steering system. Have the vehicle inspected immediately by your Lexus dealer.

Tire Pressure
Warning Light

This light indicates low tire inflation pressure, from natural causes or a flat tire.  Adjust the tire inflation pressure to the specified psi level, and the light should turn off within a few minutes.  The specified psi level is commonly shown on a sticker inside the driver’s door. If the tire pressure warning light does not turn off, blinks, or comes on after blinking for one minute, there is a malfunction in the tire pressure warning system and it should be checked by your Lexus service center.

Indicator Lamp

This warning light indicates a malfunction in the electronic engine control system, the electronic throttle control system, or the electronic automatic transmission control system.  Whenever this light turns on you should have your vehicle inspected immediately by your Lexus dealer.

Low Fuel Level
Warning Light

The low fuel level warning light indicates that the remaining fuel is approximately 4.0 gal. To remedy the situation, please find the nearest gas station to refuel your vehicle.

Headlight Leveling System Warning

This light warns drivers that their automatic headlight leveling system is not working properly, and you should see your Lexus dealer.  The system should automatically adjust according to the weight load within the vehicle to ensure the headlights do not interfere with other road users. 

ABS Warning Light

When the anti-lock braking system (ABS) warning light becomes illuminated it means there is either a malfunction in the anti-lock braking system or in the brake assist system. Either issue should be attended to right away at a Lexus certified service provider.


Pre-Collision System Warning Light

The pre-collision system warning light indicates a malfunction if a buzzer also sounds, and you should immediately see a Lexus dealer.  If no buzzer sounds, the PCS is just temporarily unavailable and you should follow instructions on the multi-informational display.


Indicator Lights

Lane Departure Alert
(LDA) Indicator

This warning light and buzzer indicate a deviation from the driven lane. When the warning buzzer sounds or the steering wheel vibrates, check the surrounding road situation and carefully operate the steering wheel to move the vehicle back to the center of the lane.

Blind Spot Monitor
(BSM) Indicator

This indicator illuminates when the blind spot monitor is enabled, alerting the driver that a vehicle is in the blind spot of your rear view mirrors, or is approaching rapidly from behind.

Traction Control (TRAC OFF) Indicator

The TRAC OFF indicator means the traction control system has been manually turned off, or has turned off due to a malfunction. If you have not turned the traction control system off manually, you should have your car inspected by a Lexus dealer.

Slip Indicator

The VSC, TRAC, or trailer sway control system is operating if the slip indicator light is flashing.  If the indicator light is fully illuminated there is a malfunction in the VSC system, TRAC system, hill-start assist control system, or trailer sway control, and you should have the vehicle inspected by your Lexus service provider immediately.

Vehicle Stability Control OFF Indicator

When this light is illuminated, the vehicle stability control is not operational.  The VSC system should be automatically re-enabled when the engine switch is turned off.

Turn Signal Indicator

The turn signal indicator can be used to alert other drivers that the vehicle is either turning left or right.

Headlight High
Beam Indicator

This light indicates that high beams are currently in use. Make sure to turn them off for ongoing drivers. 

Automatic High
Beam Indicator

This light shows when the automatic high beams are turned on.  The automatic high beams turn on and off with the use of an in-vehicle camera sensor that assesses the brightness of driving conditions as well as oncoming and preceding vehicles.

Eco Driving Indicator

This indicator alerts that the Eco driving mode has been initiated, helping the driver accelerate in a more fuel efficient manner. It will also come on when the vehicle is not in Eco drive mode, if the driving mode select switch is turned to the left.

Cruise Control Indicator

This light indicates that the cruise control function is ready to use, but has not yet been set. The cruise control may be set to speed or adaptive radar cruise control, depending on your model and year.

Cruise Control
“SET” Indicator

When this light is illuminated, your cruise control has been activated and has been set to a selected speed.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control Indicator

This signals that dynamic radar cruise control has initiated. This can be used in vehicle-to-vehicle distance control mode or constant speed control mode. It should not be used on roads with heavy traffic, pedestrians, cyclists, adverse weather conditions, or when towing.

SUV Only

Multi-Terrain Select Indicator

This indicator displays the terrain mode in which your system is currently driving: Mud & Sand, Loose Rock, Mogul, or Rock. By selecting a multi-terrain mode, you can optimize engine and brake control on your vehicle.

Crawl Control Indicator

This light shows when crawl control has been activated.  Crawl control minimizes traction loss when driving on slippery road surfaces.  It also allows travel at a fixed low speed on extremely rough off-road surfaces, without pressing the accelerator or brake pedal.

Easy Access Mode Indicator

This light indicates that the easy access mode is engaged, so that the steering wheel and driver’s seat move in accordance with the power switch mode and the driver’s seat belt condition.

Hybrid Only

Ready Indicator

When illuminated this indicates that the vehicle is ready to move. Always keep your foot on the brake when stopped if this light is illuminated.  When parked, apply the parking brake and be certain to shift to P.  If this does not illuminate, the hybrid system may not start and you should contact your Lexus dealer.

EV Drive Mode Indicator

This indicates that the EV drive mode is turned on.  When on, electric power is being supplied by the hybrid battery and only the electric motor is being used to drive the vehicle.

EV Indicator

This light illuminates when the vehicle is being driven using only the electric motor, or when the gasoline engine is stopped.

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